Bio Energy Therapy Sessions

Bio Energy has existed as a healing therapy for thousands of years in various forms. It brings a focus to using the energy system of the body, mind, emotions and spirit to promote self-healing. We all have the ability to promote our own self-healing and as a bio energy therapist I work to support and assist this process for each client.

Bio Energy is a non-invasive therapy. The therapist works to clear restrictions and blockages in the energy field using a series of techniques and movements. Through consultation, the therapist identifies the outcomes you are looking for and works to support these.

We are all aware of the need to look after our physical health through diet, exercise and rest. Bio Energy expands this awareness where we put a focus on cleansing and maintaining our full energy system and physical body.

Energy should flow through our energy field in a non-restricted way. However, physical injuries or ailments, mind related blockages, holding negative emotional issues and exposure to negative environmental factors all impact on the flow of this energy. When energy blocks are released, it is easier for the energy to flow freely within our systems. This allows for the mind, body, emotions and spirit to return to balance and harmony. It allows for self-healing to occur and allows for a healthier and happier you.

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