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Holistic Wellbeing courses focus on developing a mindset to be the best version of you that you would like to be. How do we do this? Through using a variety of targeted wellbeing tools which support having balance, health and wellness in our lives. Within a course setting, either on-line or in-person, participants learn techniques and tools which promote general wellbeing and self-care. All practices can be used in a self-management context and can also be used by participants with others to support them in their wellbeing.

Working with clients to identify the needs of the group, tailored programmes can be developed, to support participants in achieving positive outcomes regarding their wellbeing. This in turn, encourages pro-active self-management related to stress management and other areas of wellbeing. Utilising a life-learning approach, the tools and techniques which are used in courses can be used by participants for themselves, or shared with family, friends and others within their personal and professional network.

The vision is to provide programmes with content that supports a lifelong sustainable approach, promoting self-care and encouragement to take more control of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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