Emotional Freedom Technique sessions

Our emotions act as the barometer to tell us if something is good for us or bad for us. When we hold a negative imbalance in our systems and we don’t listen to this guidance on an intuitive or gut level, we receive constant reminders through our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies that something is out of balance. Emotional freedom technique (EFT) which is also known as tapping, supports us to release these negative imbalances in our lives. Once released, this then enables our body, mind, thoughts and emotions to feel more at ease and in balance.

EFT is considered an energy psychology modality or meridian energy therapy. We tap and talk on acupressure points, so it’s sometimes called emotional acupuncture. EFT aims to achieve results that last. Emotional energy that is stuck in our system holds a charge, EFT works to release that charge related to past events and challenges. EFT is great for stress relief as it works to calm the brains fight, flight, freeze or flop response. EFT is suitable for clients to learn the process and for them to self-administer. It is a highly effective and fast working treatment and clients experience this first hand as they go through each treatment.

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