Corporate Appraisals

I engaged Helen to bring a diverse group through a wellbeing programme. The brief was to provide participants with coping strategies to deal with stress and to help them be more mindful in their lives. To support people to deal with the stress of their challenging roles. Also to provide strategies for participants to help others that they support to cope with stress and emotional control. The programme which Helen delivered was amazing and over and above expectations. There was such a great balance of theory to provide the context and to support the understanding of the material and practical work. Actually, the highlight was then the amount of practical work that the participants got to go through and the number of really supportive stress management tools that they were given. The feedback consistently throughout the programme was immensely positive. Feedback was given that participants wished they knew of these tools and this knowledge before as it is so helpful in a very practical way to reduce stress. And these tools can be used any time and they’re super supportive. Helen was a really engaging facilitator. You could really see her experience and competence come through. The programme was really informative and supportive but was also delivered in a fun way so that participants felt relaxed and were comfortable to try out all of the different practices that we went through. I’d highly recommend Helen in the area of wellbeing and stress management. I’ve already referred her multiple times and the feedback received from these referrals is always amazing. Helen’s work is not to be missed. She is a definite change agent in bringing strong awareness to those exposed to her work of how the tools she trains can have a massively positive impact on knowing how to take optimum care of your wellbeing and of how to reduce and manage stress levels. I’d attend Helen’s programmes over and over. This work is life changing.
Mairéad McHale
Director, Synergy Lifelong Learning
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