Dawson Program Corrective Sound Healing Therapy Sessions

Every living thing, including our individual cells, is constructed around and surrounded by energy systems of varying frequencies. The correct function of these energy systems enables every cell and organ to maintain the optimum Life Force frequency.

This treatment looks at the 3 primary energy systems associated with the human body. Namely, the Chakras, Meridians and Auric fields.

If any of these systems are not functioning at the correct frequency, the physical structure of the body is altered affecting the skeletal and muscular systems. This physical alteration in structure places pressure on the nervous system which in turn affects the function of organs.

The person can become prone to emotional and physical problems including learning difficulties. Energy systems can malfunction due to a variety of causes – often emotional (85% of illnesses have an emotional cause), chemical (including intolerances) or physical shock or trauma.

To restore these energy systems to a balanced healthy state involves using the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The Dawson Program follows a process of determining which energy systems are malfunctioning, when they failed and why. This is done using a technique called muscle testing developed by Dr. George Goodheart Jr. DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). He is the “Father” of Applied Kinesiology who in the 1960’s discovered that muscle testing could be used to gather information from the body. Muscle testing taps into the body’s physical response to statements that are either true or not true to the person’s subconscious mind. The practical application of Muscle testing is as follows: a statement is presented to an individual and pressure is placed on their extended arm (or other selected muscle). If the statement is true to that person, the muscle will remain strong and the arm will stay up. If the statement is false, then the muscle will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure.

The subconscious mind is more powerful than any computer. It has been estimated that for every conscious brain cell there are 48 subconscious brain cells. The subconscious not only carries out the physical function of the body through the 3 nervous systems, it also has a memory bank which stores events and emotions that have occurred in the past. In addition, it is attuned/connected to everything that is happening to you now and to those close to you.

The Dawson Program corrects the malfunctioning Frequencies within the electrical fields and the human body which then puts the body back to functioning at its optimal level. The Dawson Program is highly effective for: dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties, muscular and skeletal issues, depression, anxiety, auto-immune conditions and many more.

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