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In-Person, Online and Remote Treatment Sessions:

Can’t thank my son Abhishek enough for introducing me to your healing sessions. What an awesome experience. Healings that you sent Vijay during his most crucial time of illness helped him recover fast. Me too, always living in fear and anxiety, your sessions changed my way of thinking. I feel so much better physically and mentally too. Thank you Helen for always being there for us. Me and Vijay are grateful to you and we are the blessed ones to know you. Keep up the good work. ❤️
Preeti and Vijay
India and Canada
5* ... I started working with Helen almost a year and a half ago. I was dubious about doing it online, but after missing out on a job opportunity that really knocked my confidence, my intuition really told me to work with bioenergy and there was no in person option at the time, so I decided to just take a chance and I’m so glad I did. Helen is so compassionate, intuitive and professional. I’ve experienced profound changes since working with her and cleared trauma I didn’t even realise I had. My relationship with a parent which had been deteriorating for years and had reached breaking point had healed in about 10 weeks after following Helen’s homework. In general I’m so much more calm and confident; I’ve learned to control my mood and energy instead of reacting to the mood and energy of those around me. I got my dream job with the next interview I did and my career has really levelled up, even starting my own business on the side. Because of Helen’s work and advice, I am now very confident in caring for myself and balancing my own energy. I haven’t had an actual session in months but I know it’s always an option when I need it. I’m planning on taking some of Helen’s courses this year to really learn to do the work on myself and start to share it with others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’ve had nine sessions with Helen since April, all online. I love how Helen identifies root causes of issues and brings the psychological, emotional, energetic connections together. Some issues Helen worked on were physical, like a skin issue and some more emotional, to do with a relationship break up. The most important changes I have seen however, has been in my belief systems. It’s often difficult to recognise changes in beliefs as once they are lifted/changed, it’s hard to remember how things were before. What I can say is that I’ve noticed positive changes in my relationship with myself and with others. It feels like a weight has been lifted. Helen is a professional and safe therapist that I highly recommend.
Claire Dunne
I have had a number of sessions with Helen and I found them to be extremely relaxing and they really helped with my sleep. I had a bacterial throat infection and after one session with Helen it was gone the next day. I would highly recommend Helen as a therapist and I have recommended her to family and friends. If I ever have any health issues Helen will be the first person I will call. Pauline, Ireland.
I did a programme of treatment with Helen and was blown away with how quickly I felt relief from the leg and hip pain that I’ve had for so long. It has been life changing for me to feel free of the pain. I can do long walks again which I really missed. Thank you Helen for the work you have done with me. And I have all my exercises to do at home which help me to feel full of energy each day now.
Dublin, Ireland
I have had two healing sessions with Helen O'Flinn. She is extremely professional and is very thorough asking questions before and after receiving the healing. This was all done on zoom and I could feel the energy and what she was working on despite working online. I felt very safe and supported throughout the process. I would highly recommend Helen if you need a holistic treatment that can support your well-being and mental health.
A. Cahill
I had skin problems all my life mainly on my face and arms. After sessions that I’ve done with Helen, these have completely cleared up. I found out why my skin issues had happened and know how to avoid this happening again in the future now. It has helped me in my confidence with other people and I feel a new lift in my life. I’d highly recommend going to Helen for treatment if you have any skin issues to be looked at.
Dublin, Ireland
This was my first experience of remote healing and I found it to be very effective. My sleep pattern improved very quickly after the session. I would recommend Helen’s treatment. I also practice her Qi Gong five minute energy boost in the morning which I find very effective.
I had three ‘remote’ sessions of the Dawson Program Technique with Helen O’Flinn in late Summer and Autumn of 2020. I experienced Helen to be a grounded, warm, and professional therapist who is absolutely passionate about her work. She answered my questions patiently showing expansive knowledge of the body and the energy system. I felt relaxed and safe talking with Helen online before and after the ‘remote’ sessions. I was in no doubt that she remained present from start to finish. Throughout the first session I felt tingling sensations moving half-way up the left side of my body. In the second session I felt the same sensations but this time they reached my head. I felt a gentle stirring in my head, like parts of my brain were being adjusted or realigned. After the third session it felt like layers had been loosened up and released on emotional, psychological and biochemical levels of my body. I experienced lightness on my physical layer too and relief from a digestive problem which could not (at that time) be addressed by standard medicine. I also experienced relief on a hormonal level. I felt that this method went deep but at a safe and respectful pace. It was clear to me that Helen respected my body’s intelligence to make adjustments for itself throughout and after the treatments. I felt a huge lightness in the weeks after these sessions and a lingering sense of peace. I learned after sessions 2&3 that ancestral traumas which I had been holding all my life were being released and cleared. Parts of me were discovered (in this treatment) which (I sense now) for decades and centuries have been craving release. Based on this experience I would highly recommend Helen O’Flinn and this intervention to anyone seeking a meaningful, holistic and engaging therapy. Thank you Helen for the wonderful healing you are bringing.
J, Psychotherapist
I was experiencing much trauma and distress towards the final months of 2020. I was recommended by my daughter to link in with Helen. I was glad that I did so. I had a number of sessions with her via Zoom. She attended to me with empathy, understanding and soulfulness. Her wholistic approach was what I needed. I continue to draw on some of the practices that she recommended in my recovery path.
Tony MacCarthaigh
I retired in March 2019 and I found it difficult to deal with the transition from work to retirement. I worked for 41 years and had my daily routine which I was happy with. Over the summer of 2019 I enjoyed the free time in the sunny weather. Then the winter arrived, and I gradually started to feel emotional and just down in myself. Helen was recommended to me as a person I should seek support and help from. I attended Helen for several sessions over that winter. During our sessions she performed EFT, Bio Energy, and the Dawson Programme Sound therapy. These greatly help to alleviate my mood and over time I began to feel much better. Helen is an empathetic person and gave me excellent support when I needed it. She listened to understand my concerns and always made me at ease during our sessions. She then undertook the appropriate therapy for the mood and situation I described. At the end of our sessions, I had the mental strength to plan out new activities and set about establishing new routines for my days. Today I am in great physical and mental health and thoroughly enjoying this stage of my life. Thanks, Helen, for all your support. Very much appreciated. Ollie.
Ollie Brogan
I am happy to report that I had 3 sessions of bio energy with Helen O’Flinn In Jan/Feb 2021. I had not known what to expect but was happy to relax and receive whatever healing was coming to me via Helen’s work, I did experience some energy shifts in my body which was mostly on my left side in the first session ... in subsequent sessions I was able to go into deep rest and relaxation.. it was not so much what I noticed in my body as much as the confirmation that came from my dreams after the work. I feel as if the blockages Helen identified in my body and cleared, were confirmed in my dreams. It was great to believe that blockages which were buried were being released and energy was freed up. I did recommend Helen to family members and friends, all of whom were happy to say it was a very positive experience. I believe I will ask for further sessions if I feel the need again, Blessings and gratitude!
My migraines have vanished and I’ve been free of them for months now. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember. Helen was able to help me locate when these had started and was able to link them to certain things in my life. During our sessions I felt lighter and lighter and better and better as we went along. I can honestly say that I feel my life has changed so much now. Things just feel easier. Not only are my migraines gone, but I feel like I’ve got so much more benefit from my treatment than I ever expected. Thanks Helen and yes I will keep up the homework exercises as these make me feel so good each day.
Louth, Ireland
I recently attended a course of 4 Bio-Energy sessions with Helen O’Flinn. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and really felt that the Bio-Energy sessions helped me. I have felt much more relaxed in myself since the sessions and have had more energy to do things. I feel more positive about life in general. Helen was very professional in all her dealings with me and I felt completely at ease throughout the sessions. She was more than equipped to deal with whatever came up during a session, and I found her advice and guidance truly helpful. I have also since signed up for a course of EFT sessions which Helen recommended as part of my holistic treatment plan. I have now done two of these EFT sessions, and have found them to be really useful in getting to the root cause of my emotions. Again Helen’s sympathetic nature has helped me work through any deep-rooted issues that have come up, and her guidance and reassurance have helped me release some of these repressed emotions. It is a work in progress, but I am happy to go on this journey with Helen. I am looking forward to more EFT sessions with Helen, and I fully intend to book more Bio-Energy sessions in the future. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. I have passed on her number to friends & colleagues. I have no doubt that she has a promising future ahead in holistic healthcare.
Dublin, Ireland
I attended 4 sessions of bio energy with Helen O’Flinn recently. I found them to be very effective and was blown away by how well it worked for me. Helen made me feel at ease straight away and explained how the session would go. I would highly recommend Helen if you’re looking for a positive experience of bio energy. I plan to book more sessions with Helen in the future.
Dublin, Ireland
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