Theta Healing Therapy Sessions

The concepts within Theta healing have been around for many many years. Developed in the form of Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal in the 1980s, this supportive therapy assesses the limiting beliefs that are held within our subconscious mind. Beliefs within our subconscious act as the steering wheel in our lives. It is said that up 80-90% of our mind is at a subconscious level.

Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions act as the lens through which we see our world. A lot of beliefs are supportive but some are not. We obtain these beliefs from childhood up.

Theta healing identifies negative limiting beliefs which do not support a person’s growth and creates new programmes of positive beliefs which can have a transformative effect on a person’s life.

Limiting beliefs can be picked up from anywhere; school, home, community, cultural, media to name but a few. Our belief system forms the foundational blocks on how we allow our lives to develop. Negative limiting beliefs can steer us off-course to what we know to be the truth for ourselves.

Theta healing tunes into these limiting beliefs, frees them from your subconscious mind and sets the steering wheel back on its’ true course.

Beliefs such as: I’m not good enough, I’m too afraid, I’ll never be able to, regret based beliefs, abundance based beliefs are a very tiny sample of the many limiting beliefs we can hold in our subconscious mind.

We are all enough, we’ve somehow just forgotten that along the way. As a child we knew no limits. As we acquired limits on our life journey, we were not taught to identify the negative limiting beliefs and to allow them on their way. The accumulation of these can start to take its toll. Theta healing addresses that with a client to improve their quality of life.

Theta healing supports the transformation of limits and blocks in the following areas to name a few: physical ailments; relationship blocks; emotional blocks; financial blocks; business related blocks; self-appreciation and self-love blocks.

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