Mindfulness Course

“We have a strong need to be on the way to some better moment, some better time when it all will come together … We can so easily become impatient and driven. Of course, this prevents us from being where we already are.” Jon Kabat-Zinn


The practice of mindfulness is bringing focused attention to awareness, observing our thoughts and feelings without judgement. When we practice mindfulness we decrease stress within our mind and body. To bring ourselves to a mindfully aware state we can anchor in our breath, or we can anchor in our body through a body scan. This grounds us and pulls up back into the energy field of our bodies. Some of the benefits of practising mindfulness are:

Course structure

Participants learn the theory and practice of mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness are explored. Notes and resources for follow-on research are provided.

Key learning outcomes

Participants practice mindfulness techniques to enable them to use mindfulness as a tool in their daily lives for self-care purposes. They will also learn to support others around them (both adults and children) in mindfulness practices.

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