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A good few years a ago I lost half of my hair. It gradually fell out piece by piece. I tried to figure out why this was happening. Worry set in. I was then worried that even my worry was making it worse!

Alopecia hair loss

I was told told I had two different types of alopecia and that there was no known cure for it. It was an auto-immune condition.

For two years I tried every treatment I could find in both mainstream medicine and complementary medicine. I exhausted every avenue. Steroid injections in my head were suggested by a top consultant in a private clinic (not fun!). Herbal remedies. Energy work. Meditation. Strict nutrition plans. Trying to force myself to swallow molasses daily. Everything led to closed doors and nothing worked. Although, some things definitely got me healthier. However, my hair just kept falling out. At this point half of the hair on my head was now gone. And I dreaded the remainder going.

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Bio Energy therapy

One day after trying so many things and being exhausted by the search, Bio Energy therapy was suggested to me. I tried it out and 4 sessions later (and 3 months after my first appointment) my hair grew back (hair grows in 3 month cycles). And it has never (and I know it will never) fall out again. I learned so much about why it happened and I am eternally grateful to the Bio Energy Therapist who worked with me.

I found out that I had an energy blockage at the back of my throat chakra energy centre. This had spread into meridian energy pathways in my head. My hair was literally being starved of life force energy and could not grow. I found out why the block had ended up there in the first place. I found out how long it had been there for. I was given such a gift from these 4 sessions. I was hooked!

I became so passionate about this healing therapy, that I decided to begin my own journey to train in Bio Energy therapy so that I could in turn support others on their journey of healing and self-support.

Centre of excellence in Bio Energy

Many years later, I now teach this amazing therapy of Bio Energy to others within the ‘Bio Energy Academy of Dublin’, a centre of excellence in Bio Energy teaching. It is my part of my life passion to spread the healing message and powers of this treatment so that others can bring it to their families, friends and into their communities to support the healing of others. There is magic in what this treatment can do. It is pure, it is simple and it is profoundly powerful.

With love and light,

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